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By 2015, it is expected that the current number of people using mobile devices to connect to the internet will exceed desktop and laptop computers. Mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, BlackBerry, and many others are the future of internet browsing and are here to stay.

NK Web Development, LLC builds professional mobile websites using the latest internet technologies including HTML5 and CSS3. Let us help you with your online presence.

What is a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are simply websites that display and function properly in a mobile device such as a smartphone.
Mobile websites are designed to be optimized for smartphones and tablets. A standard or older website will not normally function properly on a mobile device. These standard designs will load slowly, not function properly, and can have a broken layout. This could frustrate site visitors and possibly cost you a potential customer.

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App
A mobile website will work properly on most mobile devices and does not need to be downloaded through an app store. The mobile site will be accessed with a search engine or by simply typing in the URL of the website. A mobile app must be downloaded and installed on the device. Android, iPhone, and other devices would need dedicated apps to be designed and require a significant investment to have these professionally developed.

Watch our video on how mobile websites work.

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

Improved Visitor Experience
Mobile websites are easier to navigate on a mobile device than the full desktop version of a website.

Faster Download Speed
Mobile websites load faster on smartphones and tablets.

More Affordable Than Apps
The mobile website will cost much less than full app development and will provide the same functionality.

Mobile Devices are the Future of Internet Browsing
Internet browsing on mobile phones and tablets is becoming more popular. Soon, there will be more people using their mobile devices to access webpages than laptops or desktop computers.

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