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Mobile Website Design Cleveland - Nathan Kaludy
New studies done by Morgan Stanley projects that in the next two years, mobile internet usage will have surpassed that of computers.

The number of internet users browsing websites from their mobile phones is much more than those using computers. The question that many ask is what will be the fate of the fancy Flash based heavy content websites? Will they be obsolete? The reality is that people will be doing everything from their mobile phones. If you establish a strong mobile presence, then you will be reaping massive profits in return. According to consumer research, more than 70% of consumers actually expect businesses to have a mobile friendly websites.

The first step is to have a mobile version of your business website. Identify the key actions the customers will be taking when they access the mobile website. In this era where mobile devices are fast replacing PCs and laptops when it comes to doing various tasks, not having a mobile friendly website is like planning your business downfall. Consumers are doing more on their mobile phones such as shopping, product research, and making reservations for dining out or travel.

So why is mobile friendly website essential?

Look at the statistics which speak for themselves. For instance, smart phone and tablet ownership in the country was at staggering 76% and 40% respectively in 2012. The figures are projected to increase to about 84% and 70% by mid 2013. This clearly tells you that in just few months time over 75% of the target market will be on mobile devices. So the question to ask yourself is, is the business ready to meet their needs and usage patterns?

New studies done by Morgan Stanley projects that in the next two years, mobile internet usage will have surpassed that of computers. It also forecasts that mobile devices will soon surpass the number of people. Many people are using mobile devices when comparing prices of various commodities and when doing online shopping. Planning your business website effectively to meet their needs will offer you more advantages over other businesses without mobile friendly websites. Optimize your professional website to suit mobile users and maximize results.

People tend to use their mobile devices more when browsing the internet concerning various issues when relaxing. These range from new products or information about certain services. With tablet usage projected to reach 70% this year alone, businesses will be wise to start incorporating a mobile web strategy.

What are the benefits of mobile friendly websites?

  • Faster loading time due to the fact that mobile websites are optimized for small screens and slower connections
  • Have clean and functional design which is easier to use on a small touch screen mobile device
  • Show relevant and concise information
  • Easy to use search options
  • Websites easily fits into the mobile screen
  • Easily links to social media sites of the business
  • Allows visitors to purchase products or services right from their mobile phones
  • Easy to access business contact information – operating hours and locations included
  • Connect with Google Maps

With these factors into consideration, have the best interest of your business at heart and consider having mobile friendly business website. This gives prominence to the consumers and their preferences.

Nathan Kaludy